New adventures from my RSS Reader

by Steve

Woman collecting books in a libraryAnd so, your correspondent tumbles towards the refuge of the weekend without offering you, the reader, a whole lot of insight, value or entertainment. It’s been a long week, and I doubt any further inspiration will spark anytime soon, so instead I’m falling back on other stuff I’ve read on the internet, that you may or may not enjoy. It’s a old, well-used format, but who doesn’t approve of a little link-love now and then?

Today is so useless, I need to put a beer in it – “put a beer in it” is such a fantastic phrase. I fully intend to wear it out over the next few weeks, to the point that I and everyone around me is sick of it.

Regular visitor to these shores, Mr Pizza Cottontail, got man-friend dumped. I do love his tales. If you don’t visit his site regularly, you should.

Another regular, Steven Harris, appears to be well and truly back on the blogging horse, and the internet is a far finer place for it. Television, The Drug of the Nation is a particularly enjoyable post. Such wonderful bile!

For those of you who enjoy (round-shaped) football, check out his Armchair Liverpool Fan blog too.

So many writing blogs are horrible. I do find some of them oddly compelling with their odd brand of self-help and carny-ism, but they are not exactly nourishing. When I want to read a half-decent writing blog, I head to The Hack Novelist. I think it is pretty good example of blogging “around” the writing process without being dull, and the tone is spot-on.

Love/Hate. I do love a rant on the internet. Raven Mack has been around for years, and he does them better than most. I like how is site is ugly in the way that it makes me nostalgic for that time when all websites were ugly. I feel odd that we’ve come so far that I can feel nostalgic about the internet. That feels very odd. I have something in mind for a future post, but I’m not sure how far I’ll get with it. That’s something to look forward to, eh?

Image from the LSE Library, via Flickr