Baseball stationery

by Steve

Baseball scorebookYes, readers, I appear to be going for quantity over quality this week. Your eyes are not deceiving you – this is the fourth post this week! No doubt normal service will resume shortly, with long pauses between posts. But it is good to keep you all on your toes, right? Anyway, I like lots of stuff. And I like it when two different things I like combine in a beautiful way. And here is a great example of that…

As the baseball season rapidly approaches, I’ve been getting back up to speed with the sport. One of my new favourite stop-offs is the Eephus League website, which collates all sorts of baseball emphrema, trivia and minutiae. It is a wonderful, ever-growing treasure trove. It is also incredibly accessible, which is very welcome. There is as much there for the newcomer (which, relatively speaking, I am) as there is for the lifelong fan.

The website has a fantastic prototype for a baseball scorebook. Now, I love baseball and I love stationery, so this is pretty much the ideal item for me. I’ve tried scoring a few games (and I’m sure promised to blog about it a while back, but then failed miserably to do so), but I think I’d be tempted to do so more often if I had a swanky book to score with. It would certainly beatscoring with a few dog-eared, photocopied sheets.

No doubt I’d muck up the scoring, or end up devising my own unintelligible system, but never mind. It would be a lovely thing to have, and a lovely thing to look back on. Plus, the current prototype has room for making general notes on what happened, beyond the boxscore. I like the idea of scrawling fun little notes, and then trying to make out what they meant years later.

Anyway, for the site to print the scorebook, they need to guarantee that enough people would actually buy one. As I want to get some baseball stationery sooner rather than later, I’m spreading the word. Take a look at the latest update on the baseball scorebook production here.