Sport is horrible

by Steve

Sometimes sport is horrible. It should be an escape from the real world, a release from the daily grind. But sometimes it is that niggly, horrible thing that threatens to ruin your day. Today is one of those days.

My favourite football team’s best player, Fernando Torres, is on the verge of leaving. And not just leaving, but leaving for one of our key rivals. My favourite baseball team is embroiled in the Madoff Ponzi scandal. England’s cricketers are not as good at the one-day game as I might have hoped. At least I don’t really care about tennis, as otherwise I might have been upset at Andy Murray losing in the Australian Open final.

Still, disappointment reigns.

I would give you my thoughts on Torres, but right now they would probably be shrill and ill-considered. Yes, even more ill-considered that the usual stuff I throw up here.

My thoughts will also be out-of-date before the day is out, as today is English football’s transfer deadline day, when all sense of reason, planning, perspective and value flies out the window as teams frantically bid to buy someone, anyone. There is bound to be a great deal of speculation, hype and maybe even genuine developments between me hitting ‘Publish’ now, and the close of the window at 11pm.

So, this really is a post about nothing. I had a few ideas beyond the Inevitable and Crushing Disappointment of Sport, but I don’t really see the point of tacking them onto this directionless, pointless post.

Ugh. But this is what blogging is all about, right? Self-indulgence Yeah!

However, if you do want some considered and entertaining reading on Liverpool, visit The Armchair Liverpool Fan, the new blog from regular visitor to this parish, Steven Harris. It’s really rather good.

I may well have some football thoughts tomorrow, once the dust has settled on the Transfer Deadline Madness. Or I may just be rocking back and forth, sobbing, in a corner somewhere.