Stuff I’ve been reading this week that you should think about reading too

by Steve

don't worry, we're from the internetThis is a thinly veiled attempt to increase my posting frequency without having to put a whole lot of thought or effort into it. So, thinly veiled, in fact, that I have explained my motivation in the very first sentence. But I bet you are now just itching to click through to find a few links, probably poorly formatted, with my ill-considered commentary attached?

Well, welcome, clicker! I’ll try not to let you down here, but here are a few things I’ve enjoyed this week.

The Paris Review blog’s Culture Diaries are pretty addictive. I love reading about what other people are reading and watching, and this series does it particularly well, with each contributor giving us a one week window on their cultural consumption. Sure, some of it is open to scorn or parody (especially those claiming to get up at 4.30 every morning to read some esoteric, scholarly tome), but that’s part of the fun. I’m tempted to try my own version of it, but I suspect it wouldn’t be anywhere near as highbrow. Still, it might make me highbrow for a week, just so I can look learned and fancy here. Then I can go back to watching crap TV and reading free newspapers.

In a bid to read less crap I’ve got myself an Instapaper account, and hooked it up to my fancy smartphone, so I can save long form articles to read later, at my convenience. So far I’ve read an essay on the working class in American literature and enjoyed it very much. Hopefully, this will mean I will spend more time on my phone reading quality journalism than playing Baseball Superstars. Then again, who am I kidding.

Finally, I really enjoyed the mighty Craig Calcaterra’s take on comparing baseball to pro wrestling. I’m a bit of a closet pro wrestling fan, you see. I’m sure I have a great big blog post about the wonders of wrestling somewhere. It would be a great excuse to post pictures of men from the eighties in lycra, too. Which is what we all want to see.

Well, I hope you enjoy some of these links. Maybe you could share what you’ve enjoyed over the last week?

Image by Anonymous9000 via Flickr