Random badly-organised sporting thoughts for a Monday

by Steve


Ready to (metaphorically) step inside my sporting head again? Here goes…

England win the World Cup!

Well, the Twenty20 World Cup, anyway. I listened to the game on the radio, most enjoyable, but made me realise a few things.

I really hadn’t engaged with the Twenty20 World Cup at all, until the final. I blame Sky, as they seem a good bet when finding the blame for anything.

But in all seriousness, here was a major English cricketing victory, only watched by a minority. If it had been on terrestrial television it would have had a far larger audience which would have resulted in at least two things – more people getting into cricket and going to games, and more kids being inspired to take up cricket and potentially becoming the next generation of world-beaters.

Instead, the game was restricted to people capable of spending £40+ a month. Sure, cricket benefits from Sky’s money – but what of the longer-term effects for the game?

I also realised that Twenty20 is a little odd on the radio. Give me a proper test match on the wireless any day.

Cup Final madness in my household!

Usually on Cup Final day I’d just watch the English final. But…my Scottish team is Dundee United, and so I set up two screens to watch both games simultaneously. I was like some kind of mini-Elvis, with my multiple screens. I just need a few more screens now. And if I ate many more Doritos, I’d probably end up as a full-size-Elvis too. I am right in thinking Elvis had a wall of TVs in Graceland, aren’t I? If not, the above really doesn’t make sense, does it? Anyway, I watched two games AT THE SAME TIME. I can multitask people. Admittedly, not very well, as the pitiful analysis of both games below shows…


I found it a reasonably entertaining game, yet throughout there was an air of inevitability about it, especially after Portsmouth missed the penalty. But even before, Chelsea were always going to win, which kind of spoiled it for me. But it also shows how strong Chelsea can be on their day.

Dundee United/Ross County!

Dundee United ended Ross County’s fairytale cup run, and looked strong throughout. I thought this was perhaps the better of the two finals, and certainly, for me, the best result. I also really, really enjoyed the BBC Scotland coverage. It had a proper ‘old school’ feel to it. There were no bells and whistles, or flashy graphics or gimmicky interviews. Instead, there was proper punditry, a great round-by-round rundown and throughout the strong message was relayed that this final really mattered. So refreshing. It was the best footballing coverage I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The play-offs!

I live pretty close to Charlton Athletic, so I’ll be an honourary Addick tonight, as I pop along to their play-off semi-final second leg against Swindon Town, accompanied by my ever-understanding Significant Other (who tolerated the above dual-screen nonsense with no complaints at all). Charlton need to turn around a 2-1 deficit to make their way to Wembley. There should be a great atmosphere tonight. Watching a team’s most important game of the season, on a Monday, is going to feel a little strange though. As will going to an evening game when it is still light.

Baseball not going so well!

The Mets are hopeless at the moment. The pitching rotation is in tatters. And yet, it still ‘feels’ like a better season than last. Things have got to pick up again soon. Haven’t they? Plus my fantasy team lost, badly. Time to regroup!

I think that will do!

You made it this far? Congratulations! Maybe I’ll structure things a bit better next time, rather than just tipping my mind out into the internet…or maybe not.

Image by andymangold via Flickr