Best Coast – Something In The Way

by Steve

The posting frenzy continues! Until I run out of steam, I figure I might as well foist as much stuff on you guys and gals as you can handle. So…here is a short musical interlude. It’s fuzzy dream pop, girl group pastiche recorded in a biscuit tin! And it’s ace!

I figured the woozy sound and video would be a reasonably relevant accompaniment to my post on the return of Polaroid. It’s funny how in this age of incredible high fidelity, high-definition and the like, there is an underlying culture trying to regain some of the grit and grime of previous recording and broadcasting media. The hippest underground record labels seem to deal exclusively in cassettes – surely the least lamented music media? Is this another attempt to recreate childhood? Or a way of grasping at the real and the tangible rather than the digital and throwaway?

Or could we be really cynical and just call it a lack of new ideas, the latest retro fad?