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The return of Man Crush Friday

[picapp src=”c/1/6/f/F1_Grand_Prix_dc24.jpg?adImageId=6440873&imageId=6849842″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

[picapp src=”4/7/9/e/New_England_Patriots_c131.jpg?adImageId=6440771&imageId=6782686″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

While perusing my stats, like every blogger secretly does, hour by hour, day by day, I realised that despite my insightful analysis and witty asides on the state of sport, one of the most popular posts was all about having a man crush on a particular sportsman.

And so, much like Lazarus from the flames, here comes another Man Crush Friday, where we look at the sportsmen we idolise, adore, or just think are all-round swell guys.

My Man Crushes this week are Jenson Button and Tom Brady (see above for dreamy pics). Button has done a fantastic job winning the Formula 1 championship with a rookie team, while Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks ever, is in London this week, for the annual NFL game at Wembley.

So, who are your sporting Man Crushes this week?

MLB play-offs braindump #10 – Angels stay alive

Being a responsible citizen and employee, I didn’t stay up for last night’s Angels/Yankees game, and frustratingly, the condensed game wasn’t ready on mlb.com as I wolfed down my breakfast this morning. So, I’ll keep this post cheap and cheerful, and rely on the couple of clips I did see.

The Angels managed to stay alive in the series with a 7-6 win. The series is now 3-2 in the Yankees favour, as it returns to New York. So, I’m not so sure the Angels will be staying in this for long, as they need to win twice in New York to make the World Series.

It looks to have been quite a game, with a particular flurry of runs in the seventh inning, in a real seesaw outing. The Angels got the perfect start, scoring four runs in the first. The Yankees came back with a vengeance in the aforementioned seventh, scoring six. The Angels’ seventh inning was a pretty good fightback in itself, with three runs putting them back in the lead. They then held on, despite the Yankees loading the bases in the ninth.

So…the series isn’t dead yet. And the Yankees are looking just a tiny bit more human and fallible. At least until the next game, tomorrow night, that is.