Sports pages I’ve enjoyed this week

by Steve

Hi folks. Talking of sports pages, does anyone remember “Sportspages”, the sports book shop on Charing Cross Road, London? I really miss that place. It went out of business, sadly, but this site sprung up, so the name, if not the company, lives on. I miss having a whole bookshop full of sports books and magazines to browse through, though.

CORRECTION: Sportspages does live on, as Word of Sport. It’s well worth a look. See comments for more details.

Just a few bits and pieces from me this week:

Faith and Fear in Flushing is falling in loathe again with the Yankees. It’s funny how disliking rivals is as much a part of sport as loving your own team.

Tonight’s England game against Ukraine is only on the internet. Pitch Invasion and Twohundredpercent share their thoughts on it. I think it’s an interesting development, but I’m not yet convinced it will be a success. I doubt I’ll order it…I’m planning on going to a match today, and doubt I’ll be back in time. I’m sure many people are in the same boat. And with England already qualified for the World Cup this is far from a ‘must watch’ game. Bet365’s deal seems the best bet (excuse the horrible pun) for ordering it. Start an account with them and once you’ve deposited some cash you can watch the game for free.

What sports stuff have you enjoyed on the web this week? Will you be ordering the England game?