Sports stuff I’ve enjoyed this week

by Steve

I’m still searching for a catchy title for a weekly roundup of sports content I’ve enjoyed on the web and elsewhere, so any suggestions would be more than welcome. I probably haven’t read as much as normal this week, but have still come across some interesting stuff.

I’d love to be pointed in the direction of more interesting blogs, on any sport – it’s wonderful to discover writing out there with a little imagination and thought put into it. That’s something I could work on here!

So, onwards with my lazy blog post of the week full of links and lacking in content…

In baseball, The Hardball Times takes a look at the New York Mets top prospects. Coming off such an injury plagued season it’s good to read about the talent that might break through. As someone with little or no knowledge of what goes on in the minor leagues, I need all the assistance I can get…

In football, a new discovery, Oh you beauty, provides a stats analysis of Liverpool’s failures at set pieces to fuel the zonal vs man-for-man marking debate. It’s refreshing to read some statistical thought in relation to football. While it has its limitations, obviously, it makes a nice change from the purely opinion-based articles that flood the web. Looking forward to more from this blog.

As a Liverpool fan, who has also watched more than my fair share of non-league football over the years, High hopes for AFC Liverpool from twohundredpercent could have been written purely with me in mind.

And finally Pitch Invasion looks at George Gillett talking nonsense in Liverpool Stronger than Ever! Parsing George Gillett.