This week’s sporting pages I’ve enjoyed reading…

by Steve

I’m not sure if this will be a regular feature or not (and if so, any suggestions for a catchier title are more than welcome!), but here are a few links to sports-related stuff I’ve enjoyed reading this week…


The Mets injury crisis has been well covered with Weekly Hit Ground Ball: If the Mets didn’t have bad luck … (Baseball GB) and a rather nifty graphic of how often each Met was hurt via A picture of disarray (The Hardball Times).

A look back at past technology with Clocking Pitch Speed in 1917 (Wezen Ball).

Flip Flop Fly Ball has updated with some more fun baseball infographics. Well worth a look.

I also finished reading Roger Kahn’s The Head Game. He really is a great writer, genuinely warm and interesting, and this was a fascinating look at the history of baseball through the perspective of the pitcher. Christy Mathewson was quite the player, wasn’t he?


Twohundredpercent has just had a refit, and always is full of good content, covering every level of football.

So, what have you enjoyed looking at this week?