Now on twitter…

by Steve

I’ve today set up a twitter account for the site, which can be found at It would be great if you could bring yourself to ‘follow’ me, but alternatively, you can read me tweeting away on the left-hand side of the blog. Hopefully this will help generate some discussion, or at the very least get a few more people looking at the blog – I’m not too proud to suggest that is a motive!

It’s taken me a while to ‘get’ twitter, but as a ‘micro-blogging’ platform, I think it is the ideal accompaniment to a full blog, as it can be that much more reactive and up-to-the-minute, and then dovetail into any longer, more reflective pieces that might follow on the main blog. Well, that’s the plan, anyway, and so I won’t just be throwing up links to blogposts, as that is really lazy. Particularly when I can explore twitter’s capabilities re: sport, perhaps one of the best avenues for up-to-the-minute micro-blogging and networking.

Tech-rant over! Follow me!