Mets shutout Cardinals

by Steve

Just saw the Mets beat the Cardinals 9-0. However, it wasn’t all smiles for the Mets, with yet another injury. Starting pitcher Jonathan Niese virtually did the splits covering first base and when he tried to pitch his landing leg completely gave way. I think the Mets must have broken a fair few mirrors considering the length of their injury list. A lack of mirrors might explain the beard-growing too.

But, the injury did give Nelson Figueroa a shot at redemption after giving up six runs in less than two innings on Monday against the Diamondbacks. And he grabbed that shot – pitching four good innings and batting in two runs for good measure.

Bobby Parnell pitched three good innings too, with three strikeouts and only one hit. So, at least the bullpen looked good. But if Niese’s injury is a bad one, the win will most certainly be a bittersweet one. He’s a great young pitcher, and a poor Mets need all the help they can get right now.