Mark Buehrle pitches perfect game

by Steve

Mark Buehrle pitching a perfect game

Mark Buehrle pitching a perfect game

So, yesterday Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game. It’s pretty amazing that this has only happened 16 times since 1900 – particularly when you think about just how many thousands of games there have been over that period, and that as something of a sporting ‘holy grail’, this is something most (all?) pitchers are aiming for every single day. I’m struggling to think of a similar achievement in another sport – one that is the ultimate a sportsman can achieve, but happens incredibly rarely. Any thoughts anyone?

Credit also to Dewayne Wise’s catch in the ninth inning. It would be an incredible catch at any time, but with the pressure of a potential perfect game in the offing, this was magnificent. It just goes to show how important teamwork and supporting each other’s teammates still is. The game was already won, essentially. That catch was for Buehrle.

Photograph from myisrblue529