Nationals 13-5 Cubs

by Steve

The Chicago Cubs were this afternoon swept aside in the sixth inning when a Grand Slam home run from Willie Harris set the Washington Nationals on their path to victory. At Wrigley Field the Cubs had pressed the home advantage early on, looking dominant as they went 4-0 up in four innings, including home runs from Mark DeRosa and Derrek Lee. The Nationals were living up to their record as the worst in baseball. However, soon they would be humbling the Cubs, the strongest team in the National League. The game hinged on the sixth inning. Washington clawed back two, and a change of pitcher, from Jason Marquis to Neal Cotts could not stop their momentum, with Harris’ grand slam turning the game on its head, as the Nationals went 6-4 up. Runs were traded in the seventh innings, but soon the Nationals pulled away to win 13-5, with Harris adding a two-run homer and Aaron Boone hitting a three-run double against Chad Gaudin.