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Modernism In The Home

Friday Jukebox: Our Last Summer

Last week I looked at an old song and the experience of buying records twenty years ago. Pretty soon after I hit ‘publish’ I thought it might be fun to this week look at a new discovery. I expected it to be a new band, and to be through a new channel – a music blog, Spotify, something like that. I didn’t quite work out that way.  Read the rest of this entry »

Eight things I might have learned from watching Manchester City versus Liverpool

One. Manchester City probably are that good. It is hardly a mind-blowing, groundbreaking assessment to suggest the Premier League is probably between Manchester City and Chelsea, but I think City really have the edge. Chelsea can, and will, grind out results and will probably set off a few fireworks along the way. But Manchester City look capable of pulling apart each and every team in the league. There have strength and pace in equal measure, genuine squad depth, and a confidence that could soon lead to the sort of aura their near-neighbours United had for years.  Read the rest of this entry »

World of Tomorrow

Friday Jukebox: Underwhelmed

In my early teens there were still plenty of local record shops. There were the usual chains, and the shops that sold other stuff but had a record section, but there were independent stores too. Not independent in the sense of just selling indie music, but genuine small businesses making money out of selling all kinds of music. Remember those days? Read the rest of this entry »


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