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Happy Thanksgiving!

New Yorker magazine cover

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors. It seems like a good excuse to post one of my favourite New Yorker covers, that I think is apt for all manner of high days and holidays. I’m thankful for a whole bunch of stuff – a wonderful wife, supportive and loving family, a home, a job…so much great sport, great music, beer, takeaway curry, catch-up television, high-speed internet access…you know, all the important stuff.

I shall try to hunt down a turkey sandwich or something this lunchtime, and think of all you lucky people with a day off work. Have fun!

Holiday envy

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all you American folks out there. I’m pathetically jealous, what with this being a normal run-of-the-mill workday in the UK. Rather than enjoying day one of a four-day holiday, I’m still a fair way off a normal weekend. Boo.

On Mondays, I generally pick up the International Herald Tribune, and on the back page it lists the national holidays across the world in the coming week. And every week I envy Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Paraguay or wherever else that has a short working week ahead.

From some rooting around (ah, how did we manage before Google?) I’ve discovered that the UK has just eight weekdays off a year, compared to 16 in Italy, 15 in Iceland and 14 in Spain. I think we are due another holiday or two, and it would be wonderful to have one between the August Bank Holiday and Christmas. I’d like a Thanksgiving.

And not just for selfish reasons (although a day of turkey and watching sport sounds pretty much perfect).

Beyond the historical significance (which is obviously limited for a Brit), I think it is particularly appealing to have a day to take stock and think about all there is to be thankful for in your life. I know that I have a lot, and will take a moment to think about that today. It would be wonderful if a day’s work didn’t get in the way of sharing that thanksgiving with others.

The other benefit to Thanksgiving is in ushering in the countdown to Christmas. I’m really rather excited. I’m determined to get in the swing of things this year, and not be a grouchy old Scrooge. Today, there’s a lot to be thankful for, and a lot to look forward to.

Including some corny Christmas posts here, no doubt. You lucky things!