Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

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The same thing

Blurred shadow of dirigible, zeppelin

I spend too much time looking at commons images. The images you can use and share without worrying about copyright or payment. They can improve a piece of writing and can sometimes offer an inspiration. They are generally one of the internet’s better rabbit holes, a glimpse into the past but also an alternate history, a motley collection of professional and amateur photography, strange illustrations from stranger books, carvings, engravings, lithographs, screengrabs. A world once there, a world gone, a world never known about.

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Literature with R.A. Dickey, Scrabble with Teju Cole

R.A. Dickey pitching, and being awesome and stuffI’ve never really been comfortable with the idea of meeting my heroes in person. A few years back I was sitting in a bar in Austin (long story, and not a particularly interesting one), and who should walk in but quite possibly my favourite singer-songwriter/alt-country guy, Ryan Adams. I decided against going up and speaking to him. First, he seemed like he was having a fun, relaxing evening and didn’t need me annoying him with how much I loved Heartbreaker or Cold Roses or whatever. Secondly, what if it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me? If that were to happen would it ruin all that great music I loved? Would it spoil the memories I had of his songs pulling me through my sadder moments and soundtracking some of the happier ones? I couldn’t risk it. Read the rest of this entry »