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You aren’t what you eat

A family gathered around a series of vending machines

Amongst all the goodness in the first issue of the New Inquiry magazine, one article in particular stood out – The Resentment Machine, by Freddy De Boer. It is available in full in that link back there, so you should probably read that rather than this, but anyway, it challenged me in all number of ways (I should probably offer some sort of summary here, but even after multiple readings I won’t do it justice and you’d be better off just reading the real thing, or failing that reading what follows in the next paragraph…), but one quote near the end particularly got to me. Read the rest of this entry »

What does it take to turn you on?

Suede - cover of Animal Nitrate single16 February 1993. I’m just a few weeks away from becoming a teenager, but musically I’ve made my first, tentative steps in that direction. In the autumn of 1992 a school friend lent me a beat-up cassette of Nevermind. Christmas Eve I buy my first copy of Melody Maker. I continue to buy it in the New Year, discovering all these new bands, but not actually hearing many. One band is Suede. Their first two singles are number one and number four in the Melody Maker albums of the year for 1992. I’m already a little wary of any hype, so decide I probably won’t like them. Yet, this February night I tune in to the yearly British industry awards, the Brit Awards. Suede are playing. I’ll finally hear what all the fuss is about. Read the rest of this entry »