Your Regular Sunday Excuse Post

Yes, I’m afraid it is true dear reader – yet another week without me going on and on about something or other. While I’m sure those of you who subscribe are enjoying my sabbatical, I guess I might as well explain a little. We’ve just moved house, and I can certainly vouch for those reports and surveys that state that house is one of the most stressful activities one can undertake in life.

The actual move wasn’t so bad – the removal men were pretty amazing, being incredibly careful with all our worldly goods and being generally understanding and friendly and everything you need on such a stressful day. However, preceding events had meant the move was stressful before we’d actually moved in.

We’d given ourselves two weeks to sort the place out (the luxury of first-time buyers) but that time was swallowed up with a full rewire of the property, the elimination of woodworm and the replacement of many floorboards. Still, at least we got the carpets relaid and white goods installed. A busy two weeks, but not the gentle redecoration we’d had in mind. Rather, a building site with half the floor missing.

Yet, now we have a home of our own and any stress prior to moving in (or following it for that matter) is entirely worth it in exchange for the thrill of building a home with my long-suffering and ever-patient wife. Anyway, enough of the domestic update for now…posts of another nature (or a series of posts on the pitfalls of decorating) may or may not follow shortly! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.