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It’s just a ride

Bill Hicks died twenty years ago today. His death was shocking – for someone so talented and so vital to die so young. It is shocking now to think that happened so long ago. Read the rest of this entry »

Comedy Vehicle

An otter, looking inquisitive and stuffMost of the television I watch has some sort of soporific purpose, or at the very least is kind of there for passive enjoyment, to help me unwind, to offer mild escapism etc etc. And this is not necessarily a slight on the majority of what I watch. We’re not huge TV-watchers in my household, and generally turn to it towards the end of the evening once work/chores/general cultural stimulation are out of the way/no longer an enjoyable or viable prospect. However, one series is proving a little more thought-provoking – Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »