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Happy Birthday, Mister Zimmerman

Bob Dylan and Betsy Siggins, having a chat, I guessBob Dylan is 70 today. That seems a pretty weird statement. 70. Phew. In the lead-up to this momentous occasion, I’ve been dabbling in some low-level Dylanology, watching No Direction Home for the umpteenth time and listening to the Sound Opinions Dylan specials. I thought I’d share the following thoughts/opinions/theories in no particular order or with no real organised thread… Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Anti-List (Part Two)

Weird santa on old record coverOh, Christmas has come early for you lucky readers, hasn’t it? After the all-round excitement of yesterday’s Part One of the 2010 Anti-List, here comes the second and final part. Here’s some other stuff I’ve liked this year. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »