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Secret Santa

Santa Claus and models

At first Secret Santa seems like quite an elegant solution to a thorny problem. Rather than have lots of people buy lots of presents for each other, with everyone ending up out-of-pocket and in receipt of lots of terrible gifts, why not draw names so each person buys one gift and gets one gift in return. Savings are made, as those involved aren’t buying as much, but the gifts might be better as you can probably set a higher budget for that one gift. It seems perfect. Read the rest of this entry »

Failing at Christmas

Man falling over with Christmas tree

Every year, around about Boxing Day, I think to myself, “Christmas is a lot of fun. I wish I’d started celebrating it earlier rather than not really getting into it until a few days before.” Well, I don’t necessarily think those exact words each year, that would be odd, but often words to that effect. It is not that I’m fundamentally Bah Humbug until it is too late, more that Christmas kind of creeps up, doesn’t it? I mean, it is less than three weeks away. How did that happen? Read the rest of this entry »