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Old radio boxes

Image from page 2235 of "Illinois Agricultural Association record [microform]" (1923)

I’m ready for the autumn. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday Night Movie: Ed Ruscha in “Getting There”

A short film about something and nothing, but quite beautiful in its way. I like the ideas mentioned around a detuned radio and getting attached to potholes, although I like the ideas more than the actual reality of those.

Area Blogger Creates Ill-advised Soundcloud Mix, Shares With Uninterested Readership

I’ve had a quick play with Soundcloud’s set functionality and ended up with this little mix. It has its moments, but it also sounds in places like the curator was trying to be cool and ended up failing miserably. Anyway, it is not that long, and I figure someone might enjoy it. Obviously there are only so many tracks to choose from on Soundcloud but I might attempt this again sometime as it was fun, quick, and very straightforward to embed here. And it was frankly easier than having to actually write something.

Rock ‘N’ Soul Ichiban!

Guys spinning the hits at a radio station

I know we now have huge-memoried mp3 players and Spotify and iTunes and downloads and pretty-much-immediate access to vast catalogues of music and that it is wonderful and all, but sometimes I like to hear something new, or different, or something I wouldn’t chance upon naturally through those aforementioned technical innovations that offer so much choice that I end up just a little bit overwhelmed and so curate myself into a cosy, familiar, safe corner. Sometimes I need someone else to choose what I’m listening to, to point my ears in an interesting direction. In short, I still love (and need) radio. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Anti-List (Part Two)

Weird santa on old record coverOh, Christmas has come early for you lucky readers, hasn’t it? After the all-round excitement of yesterday’s Part One of the 2010 Anti-List, here comes the second and final part. Here’s some other stuff I’ve liked this year. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »