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Advent Calendar 2016: Day One

Christmas tree in square

A Christmas tree sat in one of those weird public private spaces. Or are they private public spaces? The sort of place you can wander into, but is essentially private land. It often replicates public space, is a square, or an avenue, or similar, but is in fact owned by someone. And that someone can ask you to leave at any time. It is only public on their terms, for as long as they want, and for whom they choose. The security guards are discreet, but ever-present. The even more discreet signs convey your rights, or lack thereof, within the space. By entering the space you agree to being stopped and searched etc etc. I wondered if someone would stop me taking the photo. I moved on before they had the chance.

Advent Calendar 2015: Day Four


Paternoster Square is a pleasant little space behind St Paul’s Cathedral. Not quite an oasis of calm, with office workers and tourists providing a steady stream of activity, the Square is still a bit of an escape from the roads, the traffic and the like. Read the rest of this entry »