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Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty

Last day at work for the year. Walking back to the station London suddenly looked beautiful and hopeful again. It is funny how you can fall back in love with a place when it becomes more than just a place of work again.

Advent Calendar 2016: Days Ten to Nineteen inclusive

wp-1482147841364.jpgBest laid plans and all that. I thought a post a day of some murky black and white Christmas photo would be one way of responding to the lack of posts I’ve made this year and also a means of generally making me feel a little more festive. However, a bout of something norovirus-y, more work than is ideal in December (what happened to “winding down” and countless Christmas lunches?) and my recurring bouts of procrastination means those posts have, well, not really happened.

But in the spirit of completism, here are some more dodgy, blurry Christmas snaps to get the project back on the road. Not long to go now, eh?










Advent Calendar 2016: Day Eight

I love the St. Paul’s Cathedral Christmas tree. I wonder about the logistics of getting a tree up there. Do they winch it up? Or do they haul it up the stairs and get it through the window? Probably something smarter than either of those suggestions. I like the sheer scale of the tree, but also how it is kind of homely too, like a grander version of the Christmas trees you see in people’s front windows.

Grainger Market

The other day I found myself in Newcastle with a little time to kill, so made my way to Grainger Market. Read the rest of this entry »

30 Cannon Street

30 Cannon Street

30 Cannon Street has been revealed after quite a while under wraps, being restored, refurbished, cleaned up, and no doubt prepared for a major sales push. Read the rest of this entry »