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Bexley in happier times

My post last week about Bexley Borough’s proposed closure of 27 open spaces has got many more views than I’d ever expected it would get. It turns out a council planning to close parks isn’t just a ‘hyperlocal‘ issue. In the current financial and political climate it is a warning sign that this could happen anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Bexley Council, Old Manor Way Playground and the sale of 27 open spaces


Old Manor Way Playground

So, I went to my first ever council meeting last night, a public meeting concerning the possible sale of Old Manor Way Playground in Barnehurst. This is just one of the 27 open spaces Bexley Council is proposing to sell off, or “considering for disposal” as they put it. Old Manor Way Playground is the only site specifically for children on the list, but is certainly not the only well-used park on the list. This isn’t just a case of selling off odd patches of unused land. Read the rest of this entry »