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First in an occasional series of ill-considered, ill-thought out musings on the baseball season. Y’know, to keep the post count up and stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Opening Day

New York Giants on Opening Day 1913

So, after a brief hiatus I thought I’d quickly post to mark Opening Day. That is, the first day of the new baseball season. Well, that is discounting a couple of games that took place in Japan last week and a game in Miami yesterday, but still, let’s not be picky. Everyone else, including my team – the Mets, are starting their season today. So Opening Day it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Baseball’s Opening Day (with bonus MLB predictions)

Food and drink at the baseballTonight, the 2010 baseball season begins, with the returning World Series champions facing their perennial rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Much like a new year, a new season offers all sort of promise, expectation and uncertainty. Will it be a good one or a disappointing one? Will the surprises inevitably thrown up be welcome or unwanted? Read the rest of this entry »