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Autumn, rain, etc

Meteorological station and a storm

As a kid I never liked Autumn. Why would you like the leaves turning brown, when that was just a prelude to them failing off the trees? Why would you enjoy a time when school started again, but started with new teachers, new classes, new routines, all bringing new worries, insecurities, fears? Why be so happy that the summer was over? Read the rest of this entry »

Hamilton Road


Not much of an update, I’m afraid, just another video.

I’m overly suspicious of the whole hypnagogic pop/chillwave scene, but I really like Ducktails. Mainly because he/they are not afraid of a tune. Plus, there’s less New Age-y nonsense. This video shows a sense of humour too, so Ducktails are the inaugural inductees into my Chillwavers Who Aren’t Awful Hall of Fame.

Anyway, while I am busy with work (including a temporary promotion-type thing) and pretending to do some Creative Writing stuff, I’ll try to neglect this ol’ place a little less. That may mean more filler like this post, so apologies to subscribers/RSS-feeders for any time wastage.

Enjoy the video.