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You aren’t what you eat

A family gathered around a series of vending machines

Amongst all the goodness in the first issue of the New Inquiry magazine, one article in particular stood out – The Resentment Machine, by Freddy De Boer. It is available in full in that link back there, so you should probably read that rather than this, but anyway, it challenged me in all number of ways (I should probably offer some sort of summary here, but even after multiple readings I won’t do it justice and you’d be better off just reading the real thing, or failing that reading what follows in the next paragraph…), but one quote near the end particularly got to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Why aren’t I down with the kids anymore?

cassette tapeOver the past couple of days I’ve discovered the musical wonders of a certain Kurt Vile. If it wasn’t for my rather belated embrace of Spotify, I probably would have never listened to a note of his, convinced that he was a snotty post-modern punk playing pre-war German songs. Which, thinking about it, would probably sound quite good. But, I digress. Once upon a time, I’d have heard him, heard about him, and formed a fully-fledged opinion on his oeuvre. What went wrong? Why aren’t I down with the kids anymore? Read the rest of this entry »