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Area Blogger Creates Ill-advised Soundcloud Mix, Shares With Uninterested Readership

I’ve had a quick play with Soundcloud’s set functionality and ended up with this little mix. It has its moments, but it also sounds in places like the curator was trying to be cool and ended up failing miserably. Anyway, it is not that long, and I figure someone might enjoy it. Obviously there are only so many tracks to choose from on Soundcloud but I might attempt this again sometime as it was fun, quick, and very straightforward to embed here. And it was frankly easier than having to actually write something.

In the mix…well, kind of

Tommy Dorsey, in the mixI’ve been toying with various online mix-y type offerings, and thought I’d share one I’ve uploaded to 8tracks, a site that offers a particularly user-friendly experience.

The Inaugural Wait Until Next Year Mix

It’s only short, but I figured it was a start. If I get the time I might attempt something more involved, maybe use Audacity or something.

What do you use for your online (or offline) mixing/mixtape/podcasting needs? Do you have any mixes/mixtapes/podcasts to share?

Image from The Library of Congress, via Flickr