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Nirvana standing outside a cinema reading Melody Maker

I think it must have been September 1992 when a school friend of mine handed me a beat-up C90 tape. He had borrowed some albums from his older brother and dubbed them on to the cassette. On the A side was Nevermind, by Nirvana. I don’t remember ever listening to whatever he put on the B side. Read the rest of this entry »

What does it take to turn you on?

Suede - cover of Animal Nitrate single16 February 1993. I’m just a few weeks away from becoming a teenager, but musically I’ve made my first, tentative steps in that direction. In the autumn of 1992 a school friend lent me a beat-up cassette of Nevermind. Christmas Eve I buy my first copy of Melody Maker. I continue to buy it in the New Year, discovering all these new bands, but not actually hearing many. One band is Suede. Their first two singles are number one and number four in the Melody Maker albums of the year for 1992. I’m already a little wary of any hype, so decide I probably won’t like them. Yet, this February night I tune in to the yearly British industry awards, the Brit Awards. Suede are playing. I’ll finally hear what all the fuss is about. Read the rest of this entry »

Why aren’t I down with the kids anymore?

cassette tapeOver the past couple of days I’ve discovered the musical wonders of a certain Kurt Vile. If it wasn’t for my rather belated embrace of Spotify, I probably would have never listened to a note of his, convinced that he was a snotty post-modern punk playing pre-war German songs. Which, thinking about it, would probably sound quite good. But, I digress. Once upon a time, I’d have heard him, heard about him, and formed a fully-fledged opinion on his oeuvre. What went wrong? Why aren’t I down with the kids anymore? Read the rest of this entry »

Lies and betrayals, fruit-covered nails, electricity (Pavement at Brixton, 10 May 2010)

Pavement on stageYesterday I covered Stockton’s finest pitcher. Today, it’s Stockton’s finest band, Pavement. Last night I saw the first of their four gigs at London’s Brixton Academy. I’d write a straight review, but that somehow doesn’t seem appropriate for a band that has offered such a skewed, distorted and fuzzy take on rock music. Plus, y’know, it’s just easier to spew out some sort of stream of conciousness. Readers, welcome to my brain on Pavement… Read the rest of this entry »