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JFK and Without JFK

Kennedy amongst a crowd

The old cliché was that everyone remembered where they were when they heard JFK had been shot. That is far less relevant as the years go on. The obvious reason is that there are fewer people about who can remember that day in 1963. But also, the assassination of JFK has long since gone from being an event to being something far more nebulous, yet far more universal. Read the rest of this entry »

“This just in. You are looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there”

George W Bush turns away from a television set on 9/11

9/11 was, among many other things, the ultimate television event. Never before had genuine, world-altering history unfolded on live television. Perhaps the closest forerunner was the Zapruder footage, yet that was not shown on network television until 1975. The shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald was shown on live television but, while shocking, was more a footnote to a historic event than the whole event itself. Read the rest of this entry »