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Japan – a few stray thoughts

Before and after satellite shots of JapanI’ve mulled over whether to post anything about the events in Japan for a few days now. It is hard to think of anything meaningful or worthwhile to add. While “meaning” or “worth” are pretty flimsy concepts when it comes to most of my silly blogging topics, this is obviously quite different. In the grand scheme of things, what does my opinion matter? And why should I be even thinking in those terms in the face of thousands of deaths and a major nuclear crisis? Read the rest of this entry »

Worst World Cup Ever? (World Cup Braindump #2)

Well, of course it isn’t the worst World Cup ever. Not yet, anyway. It’s only been going a few days. However, I’m not one to let accusations of hyperbole to get in the way of my headlines. As World Cup Fever brings the nation and its newspapers to the brink of insanity, here is the latest installment of my brain-thoughts on Holland, Italy and more. Read the rest of this entry »