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Failing at Christmas

Man falling over with Christmas tree

Every year, around about Boxing Day, I think to myself, “Christmas is a lot of fun. I wish I’d started celebrating it earlier rather than not really getting into it until a few days before.” Well, I don’t necessarily think those exact words each year, that would be odd, but often words to that effect. It is not that I’m fundamentally Bah Humbug until it is too late, more that Christmas kind of creeps up, doesn’t it? I mean, it is less than three weeks away. How did that happen? Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Consuming Stuff

Rather scary Easter bunny

Happy Easter folks. Something to read, something to listen to and something to watch. Read the rest of this entry »

A week in the woods and what came before it

Wooden camping sign

I’m sure that every journey begins long before the actual departure. However, a camping holiday seemed to require substantially more planning and preparation than a hotel city break, say. Admittedly, my good wife did the majority of packing and planning, with themed collapsible crates full of everything we might need for a week’s camping. Such contingency planning would come into its own should we encounter the negative aspects of an English summer. I reminded myself that my usual holiday packing philosophy, of throwing whatever comes to hand in five minutes flat as you can always buy what you forget at the other end, was probably not sensible when it comes to a week in the wilderness. Read the rest of this entry »

300 not out…and an early Christmas present

A couple with their Christmas shopping. They look pretty happy about it.

Well, somehow I’ve reached the 300 post mark. I believe this to be a triumph of quantity over quality, but thought I’d mark it anyway. And as this blogging lark wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without my small-but-perfectly-formed band of readers and commenters, I thought I’d offer you all an early Christmas present. So, clickity-click the link below for access to a little Christmas music mix. I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for hanging around!

Image from the Nationaal Archief, via Flickr

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Yorker magazine cover

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors. It seems like a good excuse to post one of my favourite New Yorker covers, that I think is apt for all manner of high days and holidays. I’m thankful for a whole bunch of stuff – a wonderful wife, supportive and loving family, a home, a job…so much great sport, great music, beer, takeaway curry, catch-up television, high-speed internet access…you know, all the important stuff.

I shall try to hunt down a turkey sandwich or something this lunchtime, and think of all you lucky people with a day off work. Have fun!