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Today’s tips

OK, despite my tiny meltdown over Sevenna yesterday I’m not giving up just yet. At 20p a point (as exclusively revealed yesterday) I’m not exactly meddling with high stakes gambling. However, by my calculations, I’m down to 56.7 points from the original 100 point start, after today’s bets. So I need to start making a little bit back soon, or otherwise you might just see a strange man in the street posting 20p pieces down the drain, as an alternative to this.

So, here goes…


2.10 Drumfire (4.50) 2pts
3.25 Tartan Gigha (17.00) 1pt ew
4.00 Dick Turpin (2.00) 2pts
5.10 Red Dune (13.00) 1pt ew
5.45 Strictly (6.50) 2pts


4.50 Cooksgrove Lady (1.80) 2pts

Plus, as it’s Friday and I’m feeling dangerous I’ve gone for an each-way Heinz on the above too, a massive 1p a line, so £1.14 in total. If every horse comes in, I’m in the money. Of course, this isn’t going to happen.

Today’s tips – update

Rather angry with myself – decided against backing Sevenna in the 4.00, after seeing it drift in the market. Of course, it’s now gone and won. I could have cleared a fair bit of losses right there. Now, in future I’ll be even more inclined to bet on hunches ‘just in case’ to avoid this very situation (as I did on the first two days), only to lose even more in the long run. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I just can’t win. Betting is a mug’s game etc etc.

But without these tips, I’ll have to actually generate some content…

Today’s tips

The horror continues…just one winner this week would be lovely. I would genuinely suggest laying these, with my current (lack of) tipping skills. Luckily for me (and I’m letting you in on a little secret here), for this particular run of bets I’ve been staking the princely sum of 20p per point. So, I’ll not be filing for bankruptcy just yet.

Today I’ve veered away from studying form, trainer form, draw bias, the going or anything else. I’ve basically gone with what I’ve seen tipped elsewhere, and with Dazed and Amazed, a horse that actually won for me once. So, even if these come in I can’t really take any credit. “Today’s tips” as a blog post title is probably over-egging this particular pudding.

All Goodwood:

2.10 Hyades 2pts
2.45 Sugar Free 2pts
3.25 Schiaparelli 2pts
5.45 Dazed and Amazed 1pt ew
5.45 Piscean 1pt ew

Today’s tips

A shocking day yesterday, and now the project is down about 10 points overall. While probably focusing on a couple of races would be more sensible, the scattergun approach has won out again today. Another day like yesterday (one place finish) and maybe I’ll rethink. I really need two or three of these to come in.

Anyway, today’s losers…

2.10 Swingkeel (7.50) 2pts
2.45 Chapeno (7.00) 2pts
3.25 Paco Boy (4.33) 1pt and Forgotten Voice (29.00) 0.5pts ew
4.00 Highland Glen (7.50) 1pt and Akmal (11.00) 1pt
4.35 Damietta (7.00) 2pts
5.45 Something (13.00) 1pt and Purissima (5.50) 1pt

12 points staked.