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The post where I try to review Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom through the prism (if that’s the right word) of some quotes from the author, in an ultimately futile attempt to do something different around a book that has been written about enough already

Jonathan Franzen signing booksSo, over the lovely long weekend I finally finished Jonathan’s Franzen’s Freedom. Is there anything new to say about this book? I doubt it, as it has probably been the most talked-about book of the last 12 months. How’s that for a terrible intro, readers? Read the rest of this entry »

My Big Dumb Culture Diary: Part Three

This is where love has left me cover from Mississippi RecordsIt’s at this point that I realise this exercise is quite a strange, time-consuming and, dare I say it, exposing one. I’m not organised enough to write down everything as I go about my day, so end up self-editing, to an extent. And then the doubt. Oh, the doubt. Does this exercise make me seem dull and indulgent? Or do I look like a try-hard?Especially as I’m offering a particular, edited view of myself? Ah, who cares, here are days three and four… Read the rest of this entry »