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The world is still big

Strange shanty town built in rocks and stuff

Visiting an art gallery is one of life’s great joys as far as I’m concerned. There is something pretty special about being so close to art, and often great, historic art. And something pretty special about being able to experience it on your own terms. In film or theatre the director, to varying degrees, dictates what you see, when you see it and how you see it. A musician presents a composition in a particular way. Yet in an art gallery you are free to take it all in at your own pace, view it in all manner of ways, and I expect have a far more personal experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Francesca Woodman Exhibition

Photograph: then at one point i did not need to translate the notes; they went directly to my handsA new exhibition of the photographer Francesca Woodman has opened at the Victoria Miro gallery in London. I first saw Woodman’s work at the Tate Modern a few years ago and it has stayed with me ever since. Her photographs are mostly black and white, in an empty room often inhabited by a single figure. They are beautiful images in their own right, but there is also a whole lot more going on under the surface. Read the rest of this entry »