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Comfort food

McCall's Magazine Cover, family arriving in kitchen, gathering around foodI guess we all have comfort foods, those meals or snacks that we return to when we’re not feeling good, or need soothing and calming. Trying to look at it objectively, it seems a little odd for us to turn to what is essentially fuel. Why would we seek solace there? I guess it is because food is so wrapped up in our everyday experiences and our memories. Our days are framed around meals. So, if that framework is nice and familiar, it will hopefully offer some comfort. Read the rest of this entry »

My love of Evil Corporate Coffee

Woman serving coffee to policemenI never used to like coffee. As a kid I was far more inclined to have a glass of orange squash or, if I was lucky, a can of carbonated pop. As I got older I tried coffee more, but it quite often left me a jittery mess. And once I was old enough to drink alcohol, I struggled to understand why anyone would spend as much on a cup of coffee as they would on a pint of beer. Read the rest of this entry »