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Curelight Wounds

Curelight Wounds - Clearest View EP cover

A quick and dirty review of a quick and dirty EP from new Brooklyn band Curelight Wounds. Naturally, as a prematurely middle-aged Londoner I have my finger on the pulse of the Brooklyn noise pop scene. Or…full disclosure time…they actually got in touch with me via this website’s Contact page with links to their music and a blurb about it.
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Teardrop Factory

Teardrop Factory

I haven’t bought anything on vinyl for years. While I’ll still enough of a Luddite to prefer my music in real, hold-in-your-hand form rather than digital download vague-ery, I’ve tended to lean on the unloved, possibly evil, compact disc format ahead of the hipper, warmer vinyl. Yet this week after hearing Teardrop Factory for the first time I had to order their debut EP on lovely 7″ vinyl. Read the rest of this entry »