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Top Two Songs of 2011

Man singing in the 1970s. He has wonderful sideburns.

Argh, this is difficult. I haven’t even begun, and I’m having trouble. The whole Top Two concept kind of counters any concerns that lists are arbitrary, or crude, or an excuse for me to just be plain lazy with my blogging. Yet I’m now worrying about methodology and definitions and suchlike. I’m pretty sure reading this blog post about how The Wire magazine compiles its end-of-year lists didn’t help. Who knew voting and categorisation and the like could be so complicated? Read the rest of this entry »

Last Summer with Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger

It seems like everyone is nominating their album for the summer. The new Bon Iver record is a strong contender, and seems a real progression from his debut. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with the Washed Out album, but what I have heard was a little too Eighties Pastiche for my tastes. However, while the jury is still out, I think I could well settle on the Eleanor Friedberger solo album, Last Summer, as my choice. Read the rest of this entry »