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Wait Until Next Year Annual Awards 2013

Awarding trophies to captains of winning teams, October 14, 1937

You will have to imagine that this is a star-studded gala, attended by the great and good in all their finery, rather than some hastily cobbled together awards for the best of 2013. I don’t think I’ve exhausted anything over the past 12 months to justify full lists of albums/books/etc of the year. I’ve been far more of a dabbler, so it is probably best to read these ‘awards’ with caution, as it is not like I’ve consumed everything and anything in order to make a reasonably objective judgement. Essentially, here are some things I enjoyed across the year… Read the rest of this entry »

I am well aware that the world does not need another post about Daft Punk

Men in record shop

Random Access Memories is a fascinating album in theory. Dance music has generally been all about sampling, creating new sounds from old sources. And those samples often produce some sort of uncanny feeling, as you’ve kind-of heard that sound before, but might not be able to place it, and even if you can it doesn’t necessarily sound like how you remember it sounding. There is an appeal to that textural borrowing, it is almost a short-cut to creating a certain feel, or a way of toying with those feelings. Read the rest of this entry »