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Brahms at the Barbican

Brahms, sitting down, bearded

I begin with a health warning. I am no classical music expert. There is every possibility that I will use the wrong terminology, or the right terminology in the wrong way. I might try to make it sound accessible by relating it to other forms of music and in doing so sound a bit daft. I might even manage to ignore the music and just waffle on about everything else around the music. But anyway, last night I went to a classical music concert at the Barbican from the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra playing some works from Brahms, and in brief, it was amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

Teardrop Factory

Teardrop Factory

I haven’t bought anything on vinyl for years. While I’ll still enough of a Luddite to prefer my music in real, hold-in-your-hand form rather than digital download vague-ery, I’ve tended to lean on the unloved, possibly evil, compact disc format ahead of the hipper, warmer vinyl. Yet this week after hearing Teardrop Factory for the first time I had to order their debut EP on lovely 7″ vinyl. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Anti-List (Part One)

Postman at ChristmasWhile I really enjoy other people’s end of year lists, I have always been hopeless at putting mine together. I’m not one of those “You can’t rank art!” people, but I am pretty indecisive, and prone to moments of insecurity, where I worry that if I haven’t listened to every single major music release in a year, then how can I be in a position to judge an album of the year? So, these kind of minor histrionics have delayed me posting any sort of Best of 2010 list. Until now that is. You lucky things. Read the rest of this entry »