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It’s my birthday and I’ll post a photograph of a cake in the shape of a cowboy boot if I want to

Boys dressed as cowboys look at awesome cowboy boot cake

So, it is my birthday. I am a year older but not necessarily a year wiser. I figured I’d post today in order to guarantee millions of adoring comments from my billions of readers and, more to the point, to share this wonderful photo. What a cake. Normal service will resume next week…

Image from the Reanimation Library

Your correspondent wasn’t born yesterday. He was born today.

Woman icing cake as other woman with great glasses looks onToday is my birthday. I already feel a whole year older, if not a whole year wiser. Amongst the many generous gifts I have received, the people of the United Kingdom and Ireland have decided to hold their World Book Day today1, rather than on 23 April, which is when the rest of the world will celebrate its love of books. Read the rest of this entry »

My new favourite bookshop

The interior of the London Revew of Books BookshopDo you remember book tokens? Well, I was very lucky to get quite a few of them for my birthday. They now seem to resemble credit cards more than paper vouchers, but they still are the most wonderful present. I love buying books, and having tokens for that very purpose helps allay any guilt that I should be spending my money on something more practical. After all, I have plenty of books at home waiting to be read. Book tokens give me the best excuse possible to buy more books. Read the rest of this entry »