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The Emperor’s New Book

University of Missouri

It seems like every year I fall for it. I read about the ‘must-read’ book of the year. The newspaper reviews are gushing. The bloggers and the tweeters talk the book up as thought-provoking, eye-opening, life-changing. Amazon is a sea of five-star reviews. A critical mass builds up where coverage is overwhelmingly positive – This Is A Great Book. And the book, from the blurb alone, sounds good, the kind of book I’d like to read. So, I buy the book. I read it. And I’m disappointed. Angry even. Read the rest of this entry »

My new favourite bookshop

The interior of the London Revew of Books BookshopDo you remember book tokens? Well, I was very lucky to get quite a few of them for my birthday. They now seem to resemble credit cards more than paper vouchers, but they still are the most wonderful present. I love buying books, and having tokens for that very purpose helps allay any guilt that I should be spending my money on something more practical. After all, I have plenty of books at home waiting to be read. Book tokens give me the best excuse possible to buy more books. Read the rest of this entry »