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The death of Barnehurst Cathedral

It is not actually a cathedral. It is not even a church. It is a purely secular building. It is not even officially called a ‘cathedral’. That is just a colloquial term for such buildings. It is a railway substation. Although it is not actually that. It stopped being a substation around 1970. It became a track paralleling hut, a TP Hut. And it is not even a TP Hut now. It is an empty structure. It will not be an empty structure much longer. Barnehurst Cathedral is in the process of being demolished. Read the rest of this entry »

Neither here nor there – The ‘Nearly Places’

Ghost estate, Ireland

Valérie Anex, Ghost Estates, Ireland

A ‘ghost estate’ refers to an unoccupied housing estate. The term has been used, and seen, widely in Ireland. The ‘Celtic Tiger’ years from 1995 to 2008 saw a huge amount of economic growth in Ireland. This led to a housing surplus, made much worse with the global economic downturn from 2008 on. There were a lot of houses, and nobody willing or able to buy them. Read the rest of this entry »