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Top Two for 2011: Introduction

Man checking over lists. He is wearing a great hat.

I really don’t like End of Year lists. Well, I like reading other people’s, but I really don’t like composing my own. So, don’t worry, I’m not going to veer into some “Art is subjective, lists are objective, so lists of books/albums/cross-stitching are bad”-type argument. Organising stuff into lists can be fun, and for any sort of year-end retrospective seems entirely sensible. Over the years many End of Year lists have pointed me in the direction of a lot of fun and worthwhile stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

My Uneducated, Ill-informed 2011 MLB Predictions

Retro hotdog/baseball advertBaseball’s Opening Day is tomorrow, and so I thought that I would publicly record my predictions for the season that lies ahead. Some of my comments have already appeared in the MLB Predictions post over at BaseballGB, where I’m entering my second year as an uneducated, ill-informed columnist. However, I thought I’d also throw up my full, unedited set of predictions and comments for posterity, if only to show in October how awful I am at predicting anything (as my bookmaker will attest). Feel free to pity/ignore as appropriate: Read the rest of this entry »