Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

Christmas Jukebox: Underneath The Tree

It seems to be accepted knowledge that nobody releases good Christmas songs these days. While binge-watching Christmas music video programmes I heard this song, from last year, which I think is as good as any popular Christmas song, and thus disproves that particular theory. Or maybe it is the eggnog talking. Although I don’t actually drink eggnog because I think an egg-based liqueur cocktail just isn’t right.

Advent Calendar 2014: Day Fourteen

Santa hat atop a sign

A brief public service announcement. While I’m sure there has already been a degree of festive revelry of late for you all, things will be very much kicking into gear this coming week. Do enjoy yourself, but do take care of yourself, and your belongings. You never can tell where you, or your belongings, might end up if you are not careful.