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Bobby Robson dies

Statue of Bobby Robson, by Portman Road, Ipswich

Statue of Bobby Robson, by Portman Road, Ipswich

Bobby Robson died today. It is worth noting what a remarkable career he had. With Ipswich he brought success to an unfashionable and ‘small’ club, and arguably escaped the shadow of Alf Ramsey there, indeed following the same path to become England boss. A mixed time with England (I remember him being incredibly unpopular after a dire Euro 88 and right up to the start of Italia 90), but one that ended with a semi-final appearance for England that arguably kick-started a Renaissance for English football in terms of popularity and mainstream acceptability. One of the few English managers to not only venture abroad, but to also thrive, with PSV, Porto, Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona. And Newcastle’s relegation this season put into perspective just what he had achieved there.

So, professionally remarkable, but from the various articles doing the rounds he was clearly a remarkable person too. I’ll let those more qualified discuss that.


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Today’s tips

OK, despite my tiny meltdown over Sevenna yesterday I’m not giving up just yet. At 20p a point (as exclusively revealed yesterday) I’m not exactly meddling with high stakes gambling. However, by my calculations, I’m down to 56.7 points from the original 100 point start, after today’s bets. So I need to start making a little bit back soon, or otherwise you might just see a strange man in the street posting 20p pieces down the drain, as an alternative to this.

So, here goes…


2.10 Drumfire (4.50) 2pts
3.25 Tartan Gigha (17.00) 1pt ew
4.00 Dick Turpin (2.00) 2pts
5.10 Red Dune (13.00) 1pt ew
5.45 Strictly (6.50) 2pts


4.50 Cooksgrove Lady (1.80) 2pts

Plus, as it’s Friday and I’m feeling dangerous I’ve gone for an each-way Heinz on the above too, a massive 1p a line, so £1.14 in total. If every horse comes in, I’m in the money. Of course, this isn’t going to happen.