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Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

There’s no such thing as perfection

So, Mark Buehrle pitched another five perfect innings after his perfect game, but eventually the run was broken, giving up five runs as the White Sox lost 5-3 to the Twins. Nobody’s perfect forever, eh? Any ideas what is the longest run of perfect innings?

Buehrle crashing back to reality was a shame (unless you’re a Twins fan), but was inevitable, eventually. But it could be worse…at least he can say he’s pitched a perfect game, unlike poor Felix Cespedes, who yesterday pitched nine perfect innings for the DSL Phillies, but then had to make way for a reliever with the score still 0-0. He’s not the first potentially-perfect-pitcher let down by his team’s batting. Poor Harvey Haddix pitched twelve perfect innings before losing in the thirteenth back in 1959. Life is cruel. But at least he has since been immortalised by The Baseball Project

Today’s tips

A shocking day yesterday, and now the project is down about 10 points overall. While probably focusing on a couple of races would be more sensible, the scattergun approach has won out again today. Another day like yesterday (one place finish) and maybe I’ll rethink. I really need two or three of these to come in.

Anyway, today’s losers…

2.10 Swingkeel (7.50) 2pts
2.45 Chapeno (7.00) 2pts
3.25 Paco Boy (4.33) 1pt and Forgotten Voice (29.00) 0.5pts ew
4.00 Highland Glen (7.50) 1pt and Akmal (11.00) 1pt
4.35 Damietta (7.00) 2pts
5.45 Something (13.00) 1pt and Purissima (5.50) 1pt

12 points staked.