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A walk to the station #18

I think that suburbia can have a reputation for being impersonal, lacking a sense of community or togetherness. I suspect that is sometimes part of the appeal. I also suspect that you can feel just as isolated in cities or villages or any other metropolitan area.

A walk to the station #17

We recently moved house, and so now I have a new walk to the station. We haven’t moved far, so the station remains the same, I just approach it from a different angle. It is peculiar how even the most familiar places feel a little strange, uncanny even, when you see them from an alternative […]

A walk to the station #16

I step out of the front door and there is a gentle mist descending. A smoke-like fog. Or perhaps a fog-like smoke, as there is a whiff of burning in the air.

A walk to the station #15

There is one house on my walk that always has a very large motor-home parked outside. Well, it seems large, anyway. Either that or the house is small. Either way, the motor-home is large enough to block their downstairs window entirely. I see that they have clamped it too. I guess that is what you do […]

A walk to the station #14

The first walk to the station after the clocks went back. The switch to GMT is a sleight of hand, it tricks me into thinking the winter is still a way off, that the nights aren’t yet drawing in. Everything is much brighter and clearer at this time than it was last week. The morning […]